Return Policy

All transactions with Delvens. are bound by set guidelines. They clearly are based on existing market standards and some of them unique to Delvens. business policies that ensures transparency.

  • All transactions with Delvens. are online. Hence, we do not permit refund requests nor entertain any requests for retuning the products purchased. Also, the products involve sensitive business information that is brought to paper after efforts by our research analysts. Hence, once the report containing confidential information is shared, we cannot permit its return or refund.
  • While there is no return or refund permitted, Delvens does agree to look into your case only under exceptional circumstances. Upon studying the situation, the management holds the rights to decide on refund or return.
  • In case a refund is approved by Delvens, we only provide it in the form of Delvens. credits equivalent to the refund sum promised. It is important to note that the credits provided have to be used within 12 months from the transaction.
  • While we strive hard to provide distinct reports with accurate information, and follow 8 Sigma process for our reports, there is still that nano chance of missing out on an information requested. In this case, we surely verify the user’s request and provide the missing information for free and at the earliest possible deadline.

Our return policies are based on the prevailing policies for delivery and payments. They are subject to change, and this may impact on the return policy too. Any changes shall be updated on this page. Policies published on the website will only be applicable.