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Syndicated Research

Syndicated ResearchSyndicated Research

Delvens syndicated research helps you to take the future-focused approach to understand the impact of new technologies and business models.

Custom Research

Custom ResearchCustom Research

With custom research, Delvens assists businesses to address specific requirements and objectives to be successful in the market space today and tomorrow.



Integrate our broad expertise to position your products and services in the world to develop a market-defining offering.

Implementation Support

Implementation SupportImplementation Support

Supporting our clients on their growth journey by offering assistance to implement strategies at every point in time.

Audio-Video Infographic Workshops

Audio-Video Infographic WorkshopsAudio-Video Infographic Workshops

A combination of audio-visual setup is the major theme to understand the growth opportunities and competitive positioning based on our years of expertise.

Subscription Model

Subscription ModelSubscription Model

Deploy Delvens subscription model to build long-term relationship to gain quick insights on major issues enriched with analyst’s perspectives.

Bundle Reports Model

Bundle Reports ModelBundle Reports Model

Get access to a plethora of innovative go-to-market strategic intelligence reports to identify and maintain your very own growth pipeline in any market space.

Best Practice Guides

Best Practice GuidesBest Practice Guides

We help companies learn from what other leaders are doing, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

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Skills to Lead Despite Disruption
In the era of COVID-19 and the accompanying societal and economic transformations, the essence of leadership has taken center stage, demanding a profound understanding of how to navigate through disruption. The landscape of leadership is evolving, prompting leaders to adapt dynamically to the ever-changing circumstances. Even in the absence of a global pandemic, businesses are no strangers to disruption, facing challenges ranging from technological advancements to global industry shifts and market fluctuations. A pivotal aspect of effective leadership lies in the ability to not just weather these storms but to guide teams adeptly through them. Alas, a survey conducted by Odgers Berndtson’s Leadership Practice and the Harvard Business Review paints a rather sobering picture..
Top Trends Reshaping the Fashion Industry
The fashion industry is undergoing a significant transformation influenced by a multitude of trends. Sustainability and ethical practices have taken center stage, with consumers increasingly demanding eco-friendly materials and transparent supply chains. Digital transformation is reshaping the industry, emphasizing the importance of e-commerce, virtual fashion shows, and technologies like augmented reality. Inclusivity and diversity have become key focal points, prompting brands to feature diverse representations and promote body positivity. Circular fashion economy models are on the rise, with a focus on recycling, upcycling, and reducing waste. Technology integration, including smart textiles and 3D printing, is changing the manufacturing landscape. The concept of a 'phygital' retail experience is gaining traction, blending physical and digital retail spaces for an enhanced customer journey. Virtual fashion and NFTs are making waves in the metaverse, introducing digital clothing and exclusive tokenized fashion pieces..
Novel approaches to consumer outreach for advertisers
Self-report methodologies have been embraced in marketing endeavors to assess and discern consumer reactions to stimuli in the marketing domain, particularly in the realm of advrtising practices. As elucidated by Carrington et al., these methodologies primarily capture conscious responses, including perceptions, approach/withdrawal attitudes, and thoughts, towards advertising. However, it's imperative to note that self-report methods are inherently limited in their ability to measure unconscious or subconscious responses, which constitute a substantial portion of consumer reactions, such as decision-making..
Leaders in AI and digital are displacing others
The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, evolving from a niche subject primarily discussed by scientists and portrayed in movies to a topic of widespread interest across public, business, and government domains. This surge in interest is reflected in media coverage, which not only highlights the latest AI experiments but also delves into reports examining AI's potential impacts on the workforce and the economy..
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